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Free IPTV UK is a scheme, which is an initiative of the communications regulator Ofcom. The regulator has come up with this scheme to help people in the United Kingdom enjoy the facility of free television, and at the same time to save some money on their bills. The idea of free television is not new. For the past few years, almost every other person in the UK has enjoyed free airtime on their satellite or cable providers. This facility got its impetus after the introduction of digital channels on the satellite TV systems.


At that time, all channels were transmitted digitally, and the only thing that was not available was free television. However, after people realized that they could also watch their favorite channels digitally, they began to look for options that did not cost them any money. In other words, it was not just the satellite TV operators who were offering free I PTV UK but independent film producers and distributors as well. When cable television started offering digital transmission of channels as well, people realized that they could easily watch their favorite channels without having to subscribe to IPTV UK or pay for expensive television packages.

With the launch of the Free IPTV UK service, all of the subscribers who had been enjoying free digital television for more than a year could get to experience for themselves the benefits of watching free television while saving on their monthly subscription costs. This offer, which has now expired, was an interactive experiment run for a month. Only a few select subscribers got hold of this opportunity. Those who got lucky enough to get hold of this offer were able to watch an impressive range of channels digitally without having to subscribe.

There are two ways in which you can use this service. Either you can watch digital terrestrial television (DTH) through your IPTV UK satellite dish system or you can get I PTV subscriptions through an online TV provider. Satellite TV subscribers who also have access to Free IPTV UK could enjoy digital transmission of up to four thousand channels.

The Free I PTV UK program offers digital transmission of up to four thousand channels, including some world-class popular channels like CCTV, HBO, Cinemax, Starz and others. It is a worldwide phenomenon that has revolutionized how television viewing is done. People from almost every country on the globe can now watch television programs that they previously did not have the opportunity to see. You can now find shows that air in your own country, shows that are shown in other countries but are broadcast in your own language and even digital channels that have been discontinued. With a huge catalog of stations, it is no wonder that this service has become so popular.

You can either choose to subscribe to the I PTV UK service through a digital television provider like Sky Digital or Virgin Media or get I PTV subscriptions directly from the internet TV service providers i.e. Sky Digital, Virgin Media and BAM TV. In order to get the digital I PTV UK service, all you need to do is visit their websites and sign up for an online account. Once your account is active, you will then be able to access all the channels that you want and for which you pay. It is that easy.

There are several free IPTV UK packages that are being offered to I PTV subscribers who make use of the free IPTV UK services. A few of these free I PTV UK packages include; the pit starter pack which includes two months of I PTV, free iptv cameras and free software. These starter packs come with limited technical support and cannot be stream live. If you are looking for the best quality in broadcasting, you should consider subscribing to one of the packages that are based on value for money.

IPTV UK is a revolution in television. More people are tuning in to catch up with their favorite programs wherever they are. IPTV UK is just one of the latest services to come along and provides great value for money.

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